QRPp entlang der Donau

  • ...tja einwandfrei und schön! Nur viel zu kurz.

    73 de uwe df7bl

    Uwe df7bl

    Wenn Du meinst etwas geht nicht, dann störe nicht die, die es gerade machen.

  • Dear Friends,

    We're are in Engelhartzell tonight; only two more days of walking before we reach Passau. Everything has been FB so far except perhaps the propagation...but I won't complain given the beautiful weather we have had.

    I apologize for the short videos. The Internet pipeline available to me has limited my upload capability. Tonight I managed to upload a slightly longer clip to YouTube.


    I mistakenly list the call "OH6QP" near the end of the video. It should read "OH6BG". To date I've worked one station in Belgium and had RBN signal captures in Slovenia, Findland and Norway.

    I hope to make a better presentation once I'm back at my home computer.

    All the best,
    Mike, OE/AA1TJ/QRPp/p

  • Das kurze Video von AA1TJ von heute ist zu sehen. Sehr schön.
    @ Mike: That nice short video from today is well done, thanks!

    73 Michael, DF2OK
    Früher wurden Funkgeräte zum Funken mit Antennen verbunden, heute mit Computern. Finde den Fehler...

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  • Thank you Michael,

    We arrived in Passau this afternoon to discover there really is gold at the end of a rainbow. It is such a lovely town! And yet I wish that I could now spin around and walk back to Grein as I am very sorry the hike is finished already. In 9.5 days of walking we traversed 184km; some very easy hiking I indeed.

    I was not able to operate from the field these past few days as the weather finally took a turn for the worse. Today, for example, we twice had to run across open fields with our heavy backpacks in order to escape the wrath of Thor. It would be ironic, perhaps even shameful, for a QRPp operator to die from a QROo lightening strike ;o)

    When I meet some of you fellows at Friedrichshafen I would like to bend your ear about my "Sputnik Day" idea. In a nutshell, the idea is for everyone to build an approximate replica of the original 1w Sputnik beacon transmitter (which operated on both 20 and 40MHz). It appears to have been a very simple, two-stage vacuum tube design using a crystal controlled oscillator.


    While the schematic for the Sputnik transmitter has never been published (to my knowledge) there is a chance we might rectify that situation. It turns out there is a duplicate Sputnik bird kept in a museum in Kansas (yes, I know how crazy that sounds). I intend to contact the museum curator upon my return to the States next month. I'll plead my case and attempt to round up a posse of diligent Kansas amateur radio ops who are capable of properly documenting the transmitter circuitry.

    On "Sputnik Day" (4 October), I propose that we launch our little Spuniks on the 15m CW band. The event call might be something like "beep beep beep beep beep beep de AA1TJ". Wouldn't that be fun?

    Mike, AA1TJ