Portuguese QRP CONTEST 2011

  • Hallo QRPer,

    mich erreichte die Ausschreibung für einen QRP-Contest, den ich Euch nicht vorenthalten will.

    73/72 de Ingo, DK3RED - Don't forget: the fun is the power!


    The CT-QRP Club (Portuguese QRP Club) invite all the radio amateurs of the world to take part in their contest on May 1st 2011.
    OBJECT: To promote the contacts using low power on QRP bettwen CTs and others..
    DATE: 1st of May every year.
    CONTEST PERIOD: The contest will be divided into 4 parts.
    - 1st Part - from 07:00h to 11:00h UTC on 40 meter band.
    - 2nd Part - from 11:00h to 13:00h UTC on 10, 15 and 20 meter bands.
    - 3rd Part - from 17:00h to 20:00h UTC on 10, 15 and 20 meters bands.
    - 4rd Part - from 20:00h to 23:00h UTC on 80 meter band.
    FREQUENCIES: 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 metres. We recomend you use all recognised QRP frequencies (or close to them): 10 meters (28.060 Mhz), 15 meters (21.060 Mhz), 20 meters (14.060 Mhz), 40 meters (7.030 Mhz) and 80 meters (3.560 Mhz).
    CALL: "TEST CTQRP". (Please, not include /QRP in your call sign).
    EXCHANGE: RST + One letter (A or B) + M (Only CT-QRP Club members).
    - A - QRPp (< 1 watt)
    - B - QRP
    MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER ALLOWED: Maximum output power 5 watts if you are QRP, or 1 watt if you are QRPp.
    CATEGORIES: Only single-operator multiband.
    a.. QRP - 5 watts maximum output power.
    b.. QRPp - 1 watt maximum output power.
    QSO POINTS: 1 point to contact the same country (CT, CT3, CT8 will also only count as 1 point), 2 points with the same continent and 4 points with a different continent. QRPp will count 5 points.
    - Note: A station can only work another once per band.
    MULTIPLIERS: Members of the CT QRP Club and DXCC countries on each band. CT, CT3 and CU will count as the same multiplier (CT).
    TOTAL SCORE: Total sum of QSO points multiplied by sum of total multipliers.
    PENALTIES: Any wrong contact will be deleted and they will count as zero. A contestant can be disqualified if we can prove that they are using more power than is allowed. DX Cluster is allowed, but self-spotting is prohibited.
    - Contacts will not be valid if they are not in two or more logs.
    LOGS: All logs must enclosed the following details:
    - a.. UTC
    b.. Call sign, indicating if they talk with a QRPp station.
    c.. Exchange, 599 + A or B + M (CT-QRP members only)
    d.. Band In the summary sheet
    you need to include a contest claimed score and a description of the station used during the contest (RX, TX or RTX, antenna/s, out power used, accesories,. ..). Participants must send a declaration of their power output and declare they followed the contest rules.
    COMMENTS: All comentaries and stories during the competition will be welcome to the CT QRP bulletin. Instead of the paper list you can send an Cabrilo file (The summary sheet must be in a separate file).
    ENDING DATE FOR LOG: Deadline of log submission is 10 days after the contest (Based on email timestamp or postal stamp) to:
    Contest Manager
    Po Box 41
    2780-901 OEIRAS
    Via email to ctqrpclub @ cwhamradio.com <eaqrp_test @ yahoo.es>
    - a.. Winner in category QRP (Souvenir and Award).
    b.. Winner in QRPp category (Souvenir and Award.
    c.. Winner in Foreign category (Souvenir and Award).
    d.. Special Prize for the Best Portuguese QRP
    - 600 Cards Printed (FREE (Sponsored by LZ1YE Printer) for the Best CT-QRP-CLUB Member.
    - Competitors who win a prize can not win a prize a consecutive year.
    - Note: To take part in this competition means to follow these rules.
    FINAL DECISION: CT-QRP-Club Awards Manager as the Final Decision in case of Doubts.

    See you on CT-QRP-TEST
    -- "All world with low Power!" Clube Português de QRP CT-QRP-CLUB visit us: http://ctqrpclub.bravehost.com