Boatanchor Pix und anderes

  • Hallo,
    unter diesem Link findet man sehr viele Fotographien und Manuals für sog.
    Boatanchors. Falls jemand einen R-390 besitzt und eventl. entspr. Manuals sucht- weiter unten ist die U.S Military Section von Boatanchor Pix aufgeführt.

    Boatanchor Pix

    "Boatanchor" is amateur radio slang for heavy old tube radio equipment. Originally derogatory, the term is now used affectionately. Seeing an old set working like new after careful repair, cleaning, and alignment gives one great satisfaction.

    "Forget the net.
    Switch on the set.
    Warm it up slow and go.
    Light the tubes, bask in the glow.
    Surf shortwaves on your old radio."

    U.S. Military
    Navy DAE-1 Radio Direction Finder
    Navy RAO receiver (NC-120)
    Navy RBC-1 receiver
    Navy RBG-2 receiver
    Navy R-517 - AN/FRR-26 receiver
    Navy REP morale receiver made by Crosley
    Navy TCS-12 receiver by the Collins Radio Company
    Navy ARC-5 receiver
    Scott SLRM Navy Morale receiver.
    Signal Corps BC-224D receiver
    Signal Corps BC-348Q receiver
    Signal Corps BC-312M receiver
    Signal Corps BC-342N receiver
    R-390 receiver
    URM-25D Signal Generator serves as "wireless broadcaster"
    On-line manual index for BC-348, BC-224, AN/ARC-5 and other receivers from Bill, NJ7P (large files)
    On-line manuals for various BC-348 models from James Moorer, very large PDF files
    BC-348Q schematic from Bill, NJ7P
    Navy ARC-5 receiver schematic from Bill, NJ7P
    Navy RBC manual segments and other documentation from KC2KJ
    BC-312/ BC-342 schematic from Bill, NJ7P
    Download R-390A manual An update of the 1985 mil version - by Al Tirevold, Pete Wokoun, and Barry Hauser.
    Download the military manuals for R-390, R390A, BC-348, BC-312, and a variety of others. Large pdf files. A great resource from KG7BZ - now moved to BAMA.

    Addi / DC0DW

  • Hallo Freunde der alten Kisten,

    Hier ein Link zu weiteren "Boatancors", und alles was mit der Funkerei zur See zu tun hatte.
    Der eine oder andere RX ist auch an Amateurstationen zu finden.

    73 de HB9CHB Martin