Einige interessante Podcasts für QRPler, CW-Fans und Technikfreaks

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    Sicherlich kennen viele schon die wöchentlichen Podcasts von 4Z1UG, der interessante OMs und YLs einlädt, um mit ihnen über ihren Weg zum Amateurfunk zu sprechen, was sie besonders interessiert etc. Ich höre mir die immer wieder gerne mal an, zum Einen, weil man da sein Englisch auffrischen kann (MP3 aufs Smartphone laden und im Zug, Bus etc. anhören), zum Anderen, weil das für mich auch Motivation bei "QRP-Frust" ist, zu hören, mit welcher Begeisterung die Leute über unser Hobby sprechen.

    Ein paar der letzten beiden Jahre, die mich besonders angesprochen haben:


    Dr. Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, is a pioneer in RF oscillator and receiver design. Over the last 40 years N1UL has authored over 60 articles for QST and QEX magazines, in addition to books, academic papers, and articles. Dr. Rohde has made significant scientific contributions to his family business, the Munich based Rohde and Schwarz test equipment company, and to amateur radio manufacturers including Icom. Ulrich, N1UL tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.


    One of the best kept secrets of amateur radio is the amazing QEX Magazine published by the ARRL and edited by my guest today, Kai Shiwiak, KE4PT. If you are a home brewer and want a more indepth amateur radio technology understanding, then QEX should be on your desk every month. Kai provides a fascinating look at home-brewing, the digital modes, and modest antennas for the antenna challenged ham in this episode of QSO Today.


    Nicht speziell für Leute hier, aber ich finde es spannend, mit welchen Hürden Funkamateure in anderen Ländern zu kämpfen haben.

    Out of the ashes of ten years of ethnic repression and the Kosovo War in 1998, the amateur radio service in Kosovo was reborn in 2012. Vjollca Belegu, Z61VB, Kosovo’s (Kosova) first YL ham radio operator, survived this dark period in Kosova’s history, and 25 years after ham radio was closed in Kosova is helping to re-birth the amateur radio service as the President of the Kosova Amateur Radio Association, in the new Republic of Kosova. Vjollca, Z61VB, tells this important story in this episode of QSO Today.


    DuWayne Schmidlkofer, KV4QB, is one of the amazing creators of homebrew projects from conception to the finished package. He uses microcontrollers combined with RF circuitry to make some pretty cool and mostly inexpensive projects. His blog is a great read where he documents each of his projects from beginning to end. In this episode, we discuss construction techniques and his home brew projects. KV4QB is my QSO Today


    (Hoffe, es ist ok, weil es ja auch bisschen Konkurrenz für QRP-project ist?)

    Richard Newstead, G3CWI, as an avid outdoor radio enthusiast, co-founded SOTA or the Summits on the Air program. When he needed the right gear to take to the mountaintop, Richard had to create and import his own equipment, ultimately resulting in the creation of his company, Sotabeams, our new sponsor on QSO Today. Richard’s story includes operating from a research station in Antarctica during the Falklands war to the founding of Sotabeams our new QSO Today sponsor.


    Mitch Gill, NA7US is the New editor of QRP Quarterly Magazine, the official journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International and a former columnist for both Popular Communications and CQ VHF. Mitch has a love for all things amateur radio and is now retired from active militaryservice where he operated at YI9TU in Iraq. Mitch tells thisstory and more in this QSO Today.


    Tomas Hood, NW7US is the propagation editor of a number of shortwave and amateur radio magazines, and has a wide variety of websites, that grew out of his love for all things radio, and for listening on the bands to far off DX and commercial broadcast stations. Tomas shares his understanding of propagation and the lessons we can learn from listening, really listening to the QSOs and exchanges during contest operation.


    Bob Rosier, K4OCE, started his ham radio journey in the fifties, inspired by his father who built their first family television using a surplus radar screen and a broadcast receiver. Bob discovered QRP almost by accident and from that point on realized that he could have reliable DX contacts based on good operating practice and technical expertise. Bob is the creator of the “OCE Minirig” QRP transmitter.


    Amateur radio is a big tent with an appeal for every amateur’s special interest. Once a QRO DX operator, the new magic of ham radio for Don Minkoff NK6A, came from turning down the power to QRP levels and getting out of the QTH to the great outdoors and working SOTA, or Summits on the air. Don shares his ham radio story and so much more in this QSO Today.


    Jack Worth, WA0QZK, is a retired pastor with over 50 years of amateur radio operating experience who likes to QSO on CW from the Warsaw Telegraph Office. Jack collects and restores antique Morse code telegraph keys and bugs and uses them to work the World and ragchew on QRP and a modified G5RV antenna. WA0QZK is my QSO Today.


    Joe Everhart, N2CX, is well known is QRP circles for his technical contributions and articles in the ham radio magazines. Along with George Heron, N2APB, my guest in Episode 151, of the QSO Today podcast, they produce a live talk show called Chat with the Designers, as well as present at the QRP Event, four days in May, that precedes the opening of the Dayton Hamvention in May. Joe is a builder and ham radio designer, and share some of his insight into homebrewing while enjoying amateur radio in this QSO Today.


    From his QTH in Rio De Janeiro, Alex Grimberg, PY1AHD, has mastered the art of the portable magnetic loop antennas for QRP use in the field. This interest, generated from his need for a light and portable antenna, has blossomed into the Alexloop antenna business. Now Alex travels the ham radio World showing off his Alex Loops and other accessories that make portable QRP field operations that much more enjoyable. PY1AHD is my QSO Today.


    Preston Douglas, WJ2V, discovered the joys of QRP and home-brewing whole transceivers almost by accident. The result is a rewarding ham radio past-time leading to becoming the President of the QRP-ARCI group. Preston brings to life his ham radio story, home brew projects, and QRP in this QSO Today.

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