Hochinteressant: Atom-RX

  • Werte Funk-Interessierte!

    Völlig neue Art von Funk? Hochinteressante neue Entwicklung eines quantum receivers :

    "Abstract submitted on 26 Aug 2018: Radio reception relies on antennas for the collection of electromagnetic fields carrying information, and receiver elements for demodulation and retrieval of the transmitted information. Here we demonstrate an atom-based receiver for AM and FM microwave communication with a 3-dB bandwidth in the baseband of ∼ 100~kHz that provides optical circuit-free field pickup, multi-band carrier capability, and inherently high field sensitivity. The quantum receiver exploits field-sensitive cesium Rydberg vapors in a centimeter-sized glass cell, and quantum-optical readout of baseband signals modulated onto carriers with frequencies ranging over four octaves, from C-band to Q-band. Receiver bandwidth, dynamic range and sideband suppression are characterized, and acquisition of audio waveforms of human vocals demonstrated. The atomic radio receiver is a valuable receiver technology because it does not require antenna structures and is resilient against electromagnetic interference, while affording multi-band operation in a single compact receiving element. "

    Entdeckt habe ich das über https://www.heise.de/tr/artike…e-Elektronik-4166861.html

    Hier die Originalarbeit:

    Bin schon neugierig ob und wann hier praktische Chips kaufbar sind...


    73 de Chris, OE3HBW