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  • Hi,

    I have send mail to Lutz. Several times. No response!

    Hence, the request for a phone number, or perhaps someone who knows Rene and can reach out.

    Elecraft representation in Europe is not faring well. We all know Nik / QRPproject stopped. Waters in the UK more or less stopped doing Elecraft. Carlos still doesn't even have the module listed - he said he is waiting for price info from Elecraft so he can set his price. And Lutz, well, no email, no phone.

    And Lutz and Waters are outside EU and that makes things more difficult these days.

    I spoke to Wayne about this and he offered me a rebate. Once the module is back in stock (4-6 weeks) I will order that way, take the hit on shipping and customs and leave it like that.
    Thanks, Geert Jan