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    das liegt eindeutig an der Schneedecke

    ich mache Sota mit 2x7,5m Strahler über die Wanderstöcke und Gegengewicht am Boden, wird vom Tuner des KX2 von 40m aufwärts perfekt angepasst

    im Winter bei Schneedecke muss ich den Strahler um 2m verlängern um auf 40m eine Anpassung zu bekommen

    Notes on Adjusting C22 to put the K2 on Frequency

    C22 on the Control Board is used to set the K2's 4MHz oscillator on frequency and as a result calibrate it's internal frequency counter.

    You will not see any change in the dial calibration of the K2 after adjusting C22 -until- you re-run CAL PLL on each band.

    While early digital reading rigs with analog VFO's used an internal frequency counter to display the operating frequency, PLL based rigs like the K2 do not.

    C22 only changes the calibration of the K2 frequency counter, which is only used during CAL PLL, CAL FIL and CAL FCTR. The frequency you see displayed during regular use of the K2 is simply calculated by the microprocessor when it programs the PLL for each frequency. (The frequency counter is not used.)

    CAL PLL uses the internal frequency counter to calibrate and linearize the PLL lookup tables. These tables are subsequently used by the microprocessor when it programs the PLL divider ratio and reference oscillator offset as you tune the dial.

    So remember: You must re-run CAL PLL on EACH band after adjusting C22 before you will see the resulting frequency change. Follow the procedures in the manual to get C22 adjusted correctly while running CAL PLL on a single band. Then, once C22 is correct, run CAL PLL on all other bands to get them on frequency properly.
    You can calibrate C22 using a signal generator, ham transmitter, or strong AM carrier such as WWV at 10 MHz. The K2's receiver is used to zero-beat this signal to determine how far off the VFO is, then C22 is adjusted to compensate. Note: Because of the way CAL PLL works, you should only use a signal source that is at one of the lower band edges, e.g. 7000.00 or 10000.00.

    der K3 mit den "alten"Synthesizerboards verschmiert die CW Zeichen so ab 35 WPM qsk
    da kann man dann den "QRQ" Mode einschalten, dann geht das perfekt bis 100wpm !! - leider geht dann aber rit und split nicht mehr
    mit dem Einbau der "neuen" Synth Boards geht es im Normalmode dann bis 50 wpm mit rit und split und der QRQ Mode dann bis 100 wpm - falls das wer braucht :)