SW-3B QRP CW transceiver

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    SW-3B QRP CW transceiver

    Dimensions: 104*71*25mm (excluding the protruding part such as knob)

    Weight: 180g.

    Operating voltage: 8-15VDC.

    Operating current:

    receiving: about 45mA(backlight on), and less than 40mA(backlight off).

    transmitting: about 0.8A (at 12V voltage).

    Frequency range: 5-8MHz, 8-11MHz, 11-16MHz (the receiving sensitivity peak is only 40m, 30m, 20m amateur band).

    Transmitting: 7.0-7.2MHz, 10.1-10.15MHz, 14.0 -14.35MHz.

    RF output: 5 watts @12V

    1.8 – 2 watts @9V

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