Schade, SAQ heuer Weihnachten gecancelt

  • Christmas transmission with SAQ radio cancelled
    During the year maintenance work has been done on some parts of the long-wave antenna. This was e.g.
    notable during the summer when the SAQ-transmission on Alexanderson day
    was cancelled. Unfortunately we have to inform you that also the
    traditional Christmas transmission will be cancelled this year since we
    haven’t been able to finish the maintenance work as planned. Which
    sometimes can be the case when maintaining an almost 100 year old
    longwave station.
    We deeply regret this and hope for
    understanding of the situation and also your continued support for the
    station. We are doing everything we can to get our “old lady” up in the
    air again!
    Camilla Lugnet, Managing Director
    Grimeton World Heritage Foundation


    73 de Chris, OE3HBW